Wednesday, January 31, 2007

might as well binge blog

Last Thursday I went to this free open bar at a kind of classy with a whole posse of Northwestern kids. Apparently this was normally a nice restaurant, but since it was free and free passes to DJ AM later, obviously the crowd was under-30. A middle aged man noted to his middle aged friend, "It's a very, very, very, very young crowd tonight."FOUR (4!) verys.

After getting drunk on GOOD alcohol we went to the Reserve to see DJ AM. "See" is an interesting word, since we weren't important enough to get up to the floor where he was performing so they had a VIDEO SCREEN where we could watch him. Nothing special, of course. The music was probably a B+, but a D- considering this is a celebrity DJ we're dealing with. Unfortunately his girlfriend Mandy Moore wasn't there, though maybe she was just important enough to get to the top floor

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I apologize for being the most negligent blogger EVER. The only really interesting thing in my life is I'm investigating a murder. Seriously. I feel like I shouldn't be blogging about the particulars of the case, since it's actually the real deal. BUT I have to tell this one story:
We went to interview a probably innocent man who's in prison on murder charges. I was designated "bad cop" and had to ask him the tough questions and was literally screaming at one point. I guess he likes his woman rough, because at the end of the interview he told me that before he went to prison, I would have been exactly the type of girl he would have asked out. EXCEPT, he said, "You'd have to do something about your hair." It was kind of amazing. And I hate to admit he's right, I do need to do something about my hair. It's at a weird in-between length right now.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I am going to South Africa!!!!!!

for a month or so in the Spring. Living in Capetown. With two really good friends. All expenses paid courtesy of Medill School of Journalism. I am clearly stoked.

While this ranks among my best days ever, not everything was good. For example:

-We found a mouse in the apartment. eeeeek.
-I almost followed the brilliant and powerful professor of the potentially best class ever into the men's bathroom. eeeeek.

But yeah, I so can't complain because I am going to South Africa! Last year I applied to do my Medill internship (TM) in S. Africa and I was sooooo sad/felt really screwed over by the system. And everyone's like 'Things work out for a reason' and between my tears I'm like 'fuck you.' But apparently that is true, since now I'm going to South Africa (for much less money than I would have last year) and I still got to have my wonderful quarter in San Francisco. I'm sure I sound so annoying, and if your day sucked you probably are annoyed listening to me, but I'm just happy and wanted to share my news. lovelovelove, diana.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Evanston update!

I've been in Evanston for a week. It feels longer. Which is good since I have a lot to do before I graduate. Marcy, Irina and I made a quite excellent list of things to do in Chicago. And I apparently like lists since I helped Becca make an also quite excellent pro/con chart tonight (muahahahah). So here's another list of hings I have done so far of interest:

  • moved into my lovely HUGE apartment that I'm subletting from a mutual friend with a queen-sized bed. My roommates are lovely as well. Though I miss my sf roommates and our tv time.
  • had a happy New Years but realized I'm so over binge drinking. New Years resolution: Stop eating when I'm full, stop drinking when I'm drunk, and stop talking when I have nothing relevant to say. p.s. If you want to read a GREAT article about New Years resolutions...
  • went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and realized zoos are possibly the cruelest/saddest place on earth. But that one-armed monkey was so darn cute.
  • had a great class that was filled with annoying creative writing majors
  • lost in a spelling bee at Hundo (though I did not wear my "Hundo shoes"). This is probably worthy of a whole blog post, but at the time it was too traumatic, and now most people have heard the details. I wanted to participate in this genuinely dorky activity because of my now shattered belief that I am an excellent speller (solidifed by a bitch at Jane who told me I "looked like a good speller." I know, wtf). However, I am not so excellent. I got out in the second round! On Massachusetts! Which I have never had trouble spelling in my life. But under the pressure I spelled it M-A-S-S-A-C-H-U-S-S and then it was too late. The crowd started "ooohing" with mock-sympathy. And the crowd didn't even know I didn't suck at spelling since my word in the first round was the super-easy "yield." Though as Xtine pointed out, at least I wasn't one contestant who got out in the first round on origami (O-R-A-G-A-M-Y). And I didn't even get a chance to do the word I practiced G-O-N-O-R-R-H-E-A. But congrats to Tina (who is probably reading this) on her 4th place finish!
  • went with Irina to an Orthodox rabbi's house for Shabbat, and actually had a really good time, despite the obnoxious freshmen who attended. And I'm kind of in love with the rabbi's wife.
  • Went to a dueling piano bar in Wrigleyville, which was on the previously mentioned list. Quite fun.
  • Ate out every night since I have not been the grocery store and the only food here is cereal.
  • Was super-productive at (non-wine selling) coffee shops. Managed to finish grant proposal, resume update AND add my first non-Tom friends on Myspace. Life is good.