Sunday, July 20, 2008

Overheard in New York

at a party of gays in Hell's Kitchen.

Guy #1: I want some straight guy friends
Guy #2: Two of my roommates are straight
Guy #1: Really, what are they like?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

a fun night

I've been away the past three weekends, doing awesome things: Puerto Rico for work/play, Albuquerque for all the good things of work with none of the bad, and last weekend in Orlando for the best family reunion in the world (basically the short story is all the family I never met is superfun and way different than my family and I spent the weekend drunk and high until 3am with my cool new cousins). BUT despite some awesomeness, it didn't feel like life. It felt like a break from life, with the hellishness of life with short bursts of horrible weekdays (with the exception of the best happy hour ever with Tina and Amanda) where I had to work really hard in order to take days off. BUT now I'm back to normal life for a few weeks and I feel like myself again until I go to Mexico for the AIDS conference and the big gay roadtrip (!!!!)

And I just had the weirdest night. On my way home from work all these Puerto Rican neighbors on my street were blocking my path having a party, but I didn't mind because they're always nice. "What's going on?" I ask. They told me it was a party/funeral for an old friend that died, which is what they always do, and "you should come" one told me. So I dropped my laptop at my apartment and Iwent and join them. For 10 minutes. Because then I felt a little awkward. Like, ummm, I'm essentially crashing a shiva. But it was nice to meet neighbors, since they have this whole community going on that I'm not a part of since I'm totally in the new wave. But we exchanged names and I'll say hi when I walk by now so that's better than nothing. And it reminded me of how at the family reunion all my family was once immigrants who lived in one building and now we're spread throughout the country and doesn't know eachother. Sometimes I wish I was an immigrant. Or at least 1st generation.

THEN I finished working on my newsletter since I work late on Thursdays and then it was 11pm and I didn't want to clean or go to sleep so I went to S4th Bar and Cafe, my fave, and listened to the bartender talk about "the facebook" a sex position he apparently invented and poured me much wine which is why I'm still drunk now. And I had the guy sitting next to me legitimized that my new blackberry's busted and it's not just my fat thumb. And then I gave a cute guy flirting with me my number. I know I'm supposed to be gay and I probably am, but being straight would be way easier, so really, why should I limit myself when I am so young and undecided about life? I'd prob go on a date if he calls.

THEN after I left I heard these hipsters on the street mention facebook and I totally thought they were privy to the bartender's comments, so I was like "were you in the bar?." They weren't but invited me on their roof and I LOVE ROOFTOP ACCESS and it was so beautiful.They were both filmmakers' and one of their' roommates won an Emmy for producing MTV's Made. This is when living in NY is cool. This night is cool. I'm glad I have two whole weeks here before I'm jetting off for my next adventure. But really, New York is an adventure.