Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hi there

Wow, I haven't blogged in more than 6 months. I wonder if random livejournalesque blogging (ie this) has been reduced by twittering and facebook status messaging. I should research. I kind of want to resurrect this. I just am at the point where not much is happening. 

Oh, that's not true. Things have happened. I met more celebrities. 

I was also featured as a socialite in Manhattan Magazine. 

My roommate moved out and I got another roommate. And then he left like a week  later and then I got another roommate. 

I dated a girl for like a month, but it wasn't working, but I also don't think I really gave it a chance to work because I'm crazy.

I went to Ireland by myself and had an excellent adventure and saw lots of green things and met lots of Australians. And also Irish people. Who are pretty similar, actually. And I kissed a married man. But I didn't know he was married. And a married woman hit on me. I knew she was married because her husband was just standing there sadly. I also lost my camera that night. Oh, I was going to write a story about that. I still can.

I got a Mac.

I started Spanish socialism classes!

And I've worked. And I'm over it, but I'm also not quite but mostly because it's safe and all I've known in my post-college life. and don't really know what comes next. 

As John Mayer sang, before we all realized what a douche he was, "It might be a quarter-life crisis."

But John perservered and became famous and dated Jennifer Aniston. So I will be fine too.