Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm thankful for...

...anyone who is reading this. Apologies to my loyal fans for not updating (hi Roberto!). I need a theme that's not "Diana" because then maybe I'll update more. But it's like random thoughts can go to twitter and deeper thoughts can go in a for-my-eyes-only journal. So where does that leave you, gentle readers?

Let's see...

I was home for Thanksgiving. I'm glad I moved so I had an answer to the "So, what are you up to?" question, and didn't have to talk about my job or love life. I could either go through my shtick about missing Brooklyn or just say "Astoria's great!" depending on who asked. Although I realized this is one instance where it's easier to be queer, because few family members and family friends are progressive-minded enough to go into the "Sooooo, are you dating anyone special?" talk with me that seems to plague most single straight girls who reach my age.

Speaking of which, my mom was married when she was my age. Though as she said, she's not a success story, but it was a success-ish at the time. And I can't believe she was living an adult, married life at my age when I sometimes feel I can barely function. Although she made the good, and generous, point that when she was my age she didn't have to make a lot of the decisions I obsess over because my dad just made them for her.

To segue into how my problems are silly, I saw Precious. It was disturbing, of course. It was powerful and really well-acted (Mo'Nique and Gabby especially; Mariah and mustache were in only two scenes). But in some ways it sort of felt like a rote teacher saves underprivileged child movie but everything's just much more horrible and there's no happy ending. I feel like everyone I've talked to about it sort of wants it to be "based on a true story" just to make it seem even more horrific. Like the main point of the movie was to be horriffic. I guess, objectively, I give it a B- but A for acting.

ok, that's all for now. I'll try to write again soon.

lovelovelove, diana