Sunday, December 20, 2009

plain boyfriend

hiiii--can't fall asleep, so shall blog. This weekend was really nice. I went home to Ossining Friday night, and then came back, and didn't take the subway once this weekend. Partially because my roommate read the blog and called me out on my Astoria complaining, and partially because I really do mean it (really Sara!!!) I'll say I feel like I'm finally really living and liking Astoria! Like this weekend I went to a party in the hood, I went to Himalaya Tea Room, BZ Grill. And the snow was just pretty. And last week I joined the Astoria gay marriage group which I'm political geeked out about. Astoria's senator voted against gay marriage. It's like, helllloooo. So there's this small group of people trying to kick him out and elect someone better. And it would be fun and exciting to be the change in my community.

ok, now that we've dealt with the present, here's a story you all will like from my past. Plane boyfriend update!

Four years ago, in the pre-blog era, I became obsessed this dude I met on a plane. I'm not sure how much was real in my head and how much was just because it was fun to talk about, because I so rarely get massive crushes on guys or girls. And psychoanalyzing myself, part of it was a reaction to feeling pigeonholed with coming out. But see the e-mail I sent to my roommates at the time to catch yourself up on the saga (I took out identifying details :

made plane friends w/this my seatmate, which i never do, he's 25 lives in Chicago and his parents are British and he gave me his business card and I couldn't tell if he was flirting with me or not. (His opening line? after the flight attendant said I couldn't listen to music "I think they should let you listen to music going up because I know if I die, I want to be listening to something that makes me happy") I feel like we had a first date. in a good way. we talked the entire flight. Listened to eachother's ipods. Then we had the worst landing ever (like, in the movies where they die, it starts out like it did for us) and he was freaked out (almost vommed but thankfully didn't) and was holding my hand and I THINK started rubbing my leg. Then we exchanged numbers. But he seriously wasn't sketchy, as much as it seems the opposite from this story! If he ever calls me, which i actually rate at a 30%chance of happening, I'm definitely NOT going to tell him i'm gay so we can make out without making it weird bc I definitely have a plane crush on him. I think I just watched too many romantic comedies growing up and this is how I assumed/hoped I'd meet my husband. weirdddd.

Ok, so I was a crazyhead about it. As everyone who knew me then knows, it was all I talked about for a good month. That basically ended when I called him like a month later to try to hang out, like he suggested in our moment of passion, which is very out of character for me and got kindly rejected. Also, I was only 20 which seems so young right now.

And I sort of forgot about him. Well, I forgot about what he looked like and his name, but I remembered this story since he was always really an anectdote as opposed to a person.

But a few weeks ago at dinner w/Josh (who if you read this blog you'd think I hang w/constantly, but I just know he's always reading this so I namedrop him as much as possible) his other friend told a story about a guy she met on a plane, so Josh mentioned my plane boyfriend.

Then I remembered that a friend from work was the same age and went to the same college as plane bf, so I checked on facebook (after having to search my gmail archives "plane boyfriend" to figure out his name). and sure enough. It's not even such a huge shock because I am convinced every person in America who went to one of 30 colleges, lives in one of five cities and is between the ages of 21 and 30, I am only one degree of separation from.

But google tells me he now lives in New York. My heart pattered. But he has a girlfriend. My heart fell.

Still, I have to ask work friend about him. Turns out they hang out. I started to tell work friend this story and I said "plane boyfriend." and he's like, "yeah, totally."

he thought I meant PLAIN boyfriend. Because it turns out everyone thinks "my" dude is really boring.

I then told him the story. "I didn't think he was boring," I protested. That did not fit into my narrative.

"If you actually knew him, you'd think so," he said.

I guess I couldn't really argue with that. It was kind of an anti-climatic end to my fantasyland.

But that was the end of that. I do want to meet him some time, and probably will, knowing the way this city is.

Now it's time for real life.

Monday, December 07, 2009

i'm living the dream

or at least somebody's version of it.

I was at the same party as Madonna. At Monkey Bar, this club that's supposed to be really hip, for the afterparty for the A Single Man premiere. It's like whaaat? I mean, I was working. But in a sense, she was working too, because she's Madonna, so she's always kind of working when she goes.

I was there for NYMag, and I obviously had to try to interview her, because what did I really have to lose? Even if she was disgusted that I bothered her, there's no chance she'd remember me, since they rarely do, except my bff Fran Drescher for whatever reason.

Her body guard shooed me away, but I paparazzid back over to her table with she and her date Bravo's Andy Cohen (who was as superexcited to be there as I was, see his twitter BravoAndy: Just went to the premiere of Tom Ford's "A Single Man". Was I Madonna's date? Yes! Did I get laid? No! It was worth it tho.).

"Can I talk to you for a second for NYMag?" I asked. Madonna looked at me and shook her head. We made eye contact. Very cool. Then her bodyguard told me I was "rude" to do that. oops.

Celebrities are one of the few things I'm truly excited about, so I hope I don't get jaded. I kind of am a little. I saw Irina, the winner from Project Runway on the street in Soho and only cared a little. Enough to text Becca, who cares about celebs even more than I, but not enough to tell anyone else about my sighting. Because, helllooo, I was rejected by Madonna.

But also, this celebrity awe thing is about to stop being cute, so it's kind of good I'm getting over it.

But anyway, night was really fun. And I really liked the movie. A Single Man. I recommend. It's a gay movie where it's not alll about the struggles of being gay, but moreover the struggles of life (in a Mad Men era, which i guess is my favorite). But be forewarned, if for some inexplicable reason you hate Colin Firth, it's his movie, no one else's. Even Julianne Moore is only in 3 scenes. And all these people who had teeny tiny parts were all at least semi-famous. Dana from the L word played a bank teller! The guy who STARRED in Pushing Daisies had one frickin' scene. Weird. I wonder how Tom Ford got them in? I guess for the chance to work with Tom Ford.