Thursday, December 04, 2008

My life right now

I always comment on the fact that barely a day goes by when I don't run into some random person I know somewhere in New York. Yet I rarely pass by famous people. Apparently I just need to know famous people, and then I'll run into them.

So last night, I'm out to dinner with at Chinatown Brassere, a really nice swanky restaurant, since the head of our department took us all out to dinner. It was a really nice time But icing on the cake: Guess who tapped ME on the shoulder to say hi (not vica versa)? Fran Drescher. Otherwise known as my new bff.

Backtracking: I started doing "party reporting" for New York Magazine, which basically means going to swanky parties and getting celebs to answer silly questions. And, not gonna lie, I'm kind of awesome at it, and I may have found my calling. Well, I also might want to be a guidance counselor which I decided on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend but that's another post. But seriously, it's so nice to see that all my journalism education and writing about AIDS policy and such has translated into good party-reporting skills.

ANYWAY I went to this party Wednesday for the premiere of a movie about Le Cirque Restaurant that is premiering on HBO. All I knew about this restaurant I knew from Top Chef, and now even after eating there, the thing I most took away is that like me, the owner is a bit obsessed with being in the presence of celebrity. The food (served via buffet) was actually just okay, but the desserts were great. And maybe I'll take the owner up on his offer to come for lunch. Seriously, it's so fun saying I'm from a publication with name recognition

But of all the transcribing I did, I got 3 items published w/NYMag, 2 on the web and one in print. The one in print, which I won't ruin for you, is about Fran Drescher. I got quite the scoop from her and I can link to once it's up. But anyway, she was nice and talked to me for a while, and I actually stupidly gave my coat to the staffer who took hers and then at the end of the night couldn't find my coat and had to go be like 'Fran, do you know where they put our coats?' I found it.

But anyway, now apparently Fran and I are buddies, and I (and obviously all my coworkers) just get a kick out of the fact that a celeb tapped ME on the shoulder, not vica versa. By the way, she was sitting by herself for a while, so I invited her over just in case she was awkwardly alone. She wasn't. Candace Bushnell was on her way.


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