Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am no longer voiceless! And I'm feeling better. This is a major relief. I pride myself on never being sick (as does my brother, who said of himself, "I'm immune to everything") so being sick shakes my sense of self. It also sucks.

Supposedly it takes 6 years to be a New Yorker, but I think spending 18 years in the suburbs has to count for something. Because I definitely feel like I'm a New Yorker now. When I graduated college, 7 of us from high school were in NY or in Ossining, and we had a book club. Now all but 3 of us left: Others are in Colorado, Japan, Toronto, New Orleans. And I was talking to Laurel (one of the ones who's still here) and I was saying how I don't feel sad like, 'oh, I haven't done anything else.' I feel proud of myself that I've built myself a life here.

Like, even if I leave, and I want to just to experience something else, I can't see not coming back. Yiran (who sometimes reads this, so, hi!) is moving to NY and was asking me apartment-seeking advice, and I felt knowledgeable, like, oh, this is my city. I'm also kind of an outer-borough, I guess "snob" is an oxymoron. But after living in BK and now Astoria, other than convenience (which is a real plus) I don't really understand why someone would live in Manhattan unless they had money for a tree-lined brownstone in the West Village (my ultimate goal, I think).

Also, I just realized I need to start writing the names down of all the restaurants I go to. I never remember what restaurant is what. I can remember stories from when I am 4 years old, but I can't remember where I should eat in the West Village, or where I went to brunch in Astoria, etc. This is obviously very important.


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nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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Blogger diana said...

thanks...who are all you anonymous fans??? (and i'm @dianascholl)

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