Saturday, November 08, 2008

Obama post

There's nothing really to say, and it's four days late, but I can't have a blog and not note how awesome it is that Obama is president.

Since I've been old enough to remember, there's only been one "Where were you moment?" that the gradkids will know about. I remember were I was on 9/11. And I'll remember where I was when Barack Obama became president. I was at a coworker's backyard party in Bed-Stuy where CNN was streaming on a projection screen. It was a diverse group of people--race, gender, sexuality, etc.-- just like Obama would have wanted it (but no Republicans so not bipartisan). And when Obama reached 270 we all screamed and hugged. It was a bit magical.

Not to get all Michelle Obama, but this truly is the first time in my adult life I've been proud of my country. Literally. I was 16 on September 11, 2001, and while my own life has only gotten better since then, this country has gotten progressively worse. Bush, 9/11, Iraq, civil liberties, Katrina, the economy...Billy Joel really needs a sequel to "We didn't start the fire."

I've been following the election obsessively, but more from a political wonky-I should be a political reporter-perspective. But this is a more emotional reaction. Like, there are enough people in this country who think like me.

Though I guess it should be noted that obv the country's not so different than it was Monday.
California still voted against gay marriage, partially because of black Obama supporters which always annoys me when anyone who's disenfranchised doesn't automatically support enfranchising others. And I guess also because of Mormons, who shouldn't be judgemental of marriage.

And of course Obama will now be president and he'll make mistakes and stop being cool, and Palin will just be a punchline on VH1's "I love the '00s."

But for now, this is amazing.


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