Sunday, January 10, 2010

this is that is that

On Friday I was on the phone with my mom who, as I casually told her all my fun weekend plans, including interviewing Gabby Sidibe from Precious, and she (my mom, not Gabs) was like "I hope you're keeping a journal or something so when you're old you can look back on all the amazing things you've done." And then I looked through my real journal which is mostly like "ugh, I'm fat." "bleh, why can't I bring myself to ever clean my room?" and stuff like that.

I just have lots rattling in my brain . When I went to Israel I brought two journals, one to be like "ugh, I'm fat" and another to highlight all the sights I saw, so I could chronicle both. Not sure where either journal is and I think I ended up combining them, since that became difficult.

And this blog, when I update, is more of an in-between. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. I just felt like blogging/procrastinating a freelance assignment.

But basically the stuff my mom thinks is cool (as do I) is the meeting famous people part. And it can be fun. Gabby Sidibe was super-nice and asked me if I want to go bowling with her and N'Sync. She was kidding. Basically about the whole thing. But still, would that not be the most amazing thing ever? I like people who just became famous. But if I just met her, I'd just think she was a nice woman, but I wouldn't be like, excited by our conversation. It's weird how fame puts people on a pedestal.

umm, what else.Another thing I was meaning of blogging about for a while is this quote I read. A friend did an art show where she put up quotes of unfamous people she knew and famous people she didn't know. She quoted me saying "You're the star of your life, but in everyone else's you're a supporting character." I've said this for about 5 years, so was so excited that this became an art show.

She also can a quote from Bela Fleck that said, "Because I don't fit in anywhere I can fit in everywhere." And I realized I kind of feel like that. Well, not everywhere. But a lot of places. And whether it's actually true if i analyze it literally for too long, I'm happy I've reached a place where I feel like that about myself.