Tuesday, August 03, 2010

coffee shop chronicles

maybe one day I can write a book of coffee shop chronicles based on what i've written in this blog sporadically over the years. and now that I'm fulltime freelance, I've seen many a coffeeshop. I've treked miles to get to Astoria coffee shops, where I live. I even went back to my fave WIlliamsburg coffee shop one day. I also spend a good deal of time at coffee shops in Prospect Heights, where Natalie lives and I'm prob moving in October. It was Prospect Heights where today I had a coffee shop first. I made a little girl cry.

It wasn't really my fault. I'm at the Heights,, a coffee shop that is really just an office for freelancers. You walk in and there's a parade of Macs. They also have a messed up system where you can only access their bathroom by a key that is still attached to their wall. So as the woman sitting next to me noted, "there's no way to protect yourself from the inside." So I'm in the bathroom, and someone starts unlocking the door. "Occupied!" I said. The door keeps opening, so I physically push it shut while I'm still on the toilet. I figured the person couldn't hear me.

Turns out it was a girl, who couldn't be more than 6, and clearly hadn't yet learned bathroom etiquette. Not that I have. "Occupied." Is that what you're supposed to say? Hmm. Anyway, girl was DISTRAUGHT. Girl would not stop crying for a full 15 minutes. Her mom had to take her outside, she was so upset. Clearly not really my fault, but I still felt bad.

And since I never want anyone mad at me I decided to buy her love. So I bought her silly bands.Because how can one not love sillybands? For those of you not own with the latest fashion for 6 year olds, they are the most ingenious thing in the world. They're colored rubberbands shaped like different animals and other things. they're fun! And cute! I love silly bands! And girl seems very happy now. All for a $1 investment on my end.


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