Monday, March 03, 2008

Coffee shop blogging!!!

After running extraordinarily late this morning and realizing my boss wouldn't be in to object otherwise, I decided to work from home today. So I went to this nearby coffee shop that I'm really into until I have to go do interviews and such.

Of the three other people sitting on their laptops at the tables around me NO ONE else in the coffee shop has a word document or an excel sheet, or a powerpoint, or anything that looks like work. Girl to my left: facebook. Girl to my right: Yelp. Guy across from me: gmail (which could be work related). Who are all these people? What do they do with their lives? Granted I am on blogger now and earlier on facebook, but I also wrote an ENTIRE article. maybe they're all about to. Are they all DJs or bartenders or strippers other nighttime jobs and are just hanging out getting lifecrap done? I am confused. Ok, now I have to go home to do interviews and such and don't want to talk and thus interrupt all these people doing whatever it is they do all day.

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